Caring for Your Air to Water Machine

You’ve made one of the best investments possible—your health!

Now WAIEA Water wants to make sure you take care of your Air to Water Machine the best way possible so that it continues to produce the best quality water possible for you and your family to enjoy.

In addition to your regular machine maintenance and servicing, we encourage the following steps on a regular basis. The frequency will depend on your usage and environmental conditions.

Here are the steps for the WS-5 Air to Water Machine:

STEP 1: Locating Your Air Filter

Your air filter access panel can be found on the right side of your machine. The door should look perforated. Please note that we suggest you clean your air filter once every two (2) weeks. However, you may clean as often as you feel the need should your environment produce rust, dust, salty air, etc. It is suggested that your machine remain indoors to prevent premature wear and tear.

STEP 2: Removing Your Air Filter

Your air filter panel can be opened by pushing the release latch. The latch will have the word “PUSH: across it. Push down and you should hear a click then the door should release. If your panel has rusted, or sticks and does not push to release, contact WAIEA Water for additional help.

Once inside the access panel, the air filter should be accessible. Simply pull the top of the filter outward and then pull it upward and out of its grooves. You have successfully removed the air filter panel.

If your air filter does not glide out or seems to be stuck, try to wiggle the filter gently to loosen. If the air filter is not moving with ease, contact WAIEA Water for additional assistance.

STEP 3: Cleaning Your Air Filter

Now that your air filters have been removed, you may notice the accumulated dust. Cleaning the dust is easy! Simply run your air filter under running water. Allow the entire surface of both sides to come in contact with water. Dust and particles will wash away.

After rinsing the air filters, simply shake the air filters of excess water and place them back into the grooves, close the panel door until you hear the click. Ensure the latch is completely secure.

Should you have any questions during the air filter cleaning, call WAIEA Water for assistance. Keeping your air filters clean will extend the life of your Air to Water Machine and ensure the purest, cleanest and tastiest water possible.

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