Water Generation Capacity: Up to 100 gal
Required Power: 110 – 120V / 60Hz / 13A
Water Tank Volume: 100 L / 25 gal
Water Temperature:
Net Weight:

Special Features: State-of-the-art software automatically controls storage levels and collects data such as environmental conditions and gallons of water produced. The interactive touchscreen also offers tank water level information as well as energy consumption data (in KW/h).

The WS-100 produces clean drinking water virtually anywhere, from the workplace cafeteria to dorms and athletic facilities around college campuses. The WS-100 generates fresh water for almost anything, including indoor and outdoor farming or off-grid uses. Whatever your unique situation is, this model offers you the flexibility to make water where you need it, when you need it. Ideal for schools and commercial high traffic areas.

It’s weatherized and ready for years of indoor or outdoor use, and designed to withstand a minimum of seven years of continuous robust operation, with the recommended routine service and maintenance.

The WS-100 safely produces fresh, clean water right where you need it, without plumbing or trucks to bring it in. There’s no water waste and no chemicals are required for purification. Plus, you’ll lower your water and carbon footprint while reducing your dependence on potentially decaying municipal water grids.

Stainless steel water faucet extending from the front to drink directly from the machine without having to plumb into another system. The WS-100 also Includes foot pedal for sanitary hands free operation. Large storage tank with automatic sanitization flush to keep water fresh and clean.



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