Category: Community
  • Water Generation Capacity: Up to 1200 gal
  • Required Power: 50 to 70 KW
  • Water Tank Volume: Up to 1200 gal
  • Water Temperature: Water heating optional
  • Dimension: 7.11' x 7.25' x 9.41'
  • Net Weight: 4850 lbs
  • Special Features: Freedom to customize your own machine choosing from different add-ons. Water cooling and heating, IOT (internet of things), AC or DC compatibility, and extended warranty. Enjoy a plethora of added features or maintain a streamlined machine on a budget. This product line has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program ensuring adherence to Europe's high standards for water quality and energy efficiency. German TUV Rheinland certified and recipient of Europe's highest ranking certification for electrical appliances.
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The WG-1300C emergency response unit is a portable solution to generate water in emergency situations such as natural disasters. Also ideal for large scale events. Larger model seen here, also available in 120 gallon capacity.

Emergency response units are more structurally reinforced making it the first choice for the military and FEMA. These units can be deployed anywhere at a moment’s notice, ideal for emergency response in the face of hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes and floods in which the water supply is a challenge.

Industry leading IOT (internet of things) compatibility which means you can control your machine from your smartphone or computer when away from home. IOT also allows us to remotely send software updates, and run diagnostics.

Enjoy high quality manufacturing by one of the leading HVAC and refrigeration conglomerates with over 40 years of experience. 



Delivery within 45 - 60 days. Made to order.
10 year manufacturer warranty applies.