Water Generation Capacity: Up to 120 gal
Required Power: 4.1 to 5 KW
Water Tank Volume: Up to 120 gal
Water Temperature: Ambient
Dimension: 70.5″ x 31″ x 46.3″
Net Weight: 838 lbs


The WG-120N brings water to isolated places where there is no water network. Remote off-grid adaptation is considered to be a more permanent with the WG-120N in comparison with the WG-120C/WG-1200C versions. Designed for high production capacities as stand-alone fixed device. Larger model also available.

This model can provide water for industrial processes that require low mineral content.

Industry leading IOT (internet of things) compatibility which means you can control your machine from your smartphone or computer when away from home. IOT also allows us to remotely send software updates, and run diagnostics.

Enjoy high quality manufacturing by one of the leading HVAC and refrigeration conglomerates with over 40 years of experience. 



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