Category: Commercial, Community, Industrial, Office
  • Water Generation Capacity: Up to 200 gal
  • Required Power: 5.6 - 10kW / 350W
  • Water Tank Volume: Up to 213 L / 56.3 gal
  • Water Temperature: 50°F - 104°F
  • Dimension: 55" x 55" x 60"
  • Net Weight: 1720 lbs
  • Special Features: The solution to your community's water problems. This standalone unit is ideal for communities or commercial structures. Convenient and easy to use water dispensers built right into the machine makes it easy to fill up your vessel without ever having to connect to plumbing. Mass manufacturing facilities on three continents enable the ability to offer a reliable supply of units, for small or large orders, either from stock or made-to-meet demand. As well as reducing the lead time between order and delivery, mass production also ensures the reliability of this technology.
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The WW-200 is ideal for communities or office building consumption. This model is one of the most energy-efficient AWGs on the market, enabling more water production with less electricity consumption. The water production process is optimized and suitable for a wide range of climate conditions starting from 59°F and 20% humidity.

The water generated is pH 6.5-8.5. The WW-200 stand-alone unit requires connector type 5 x 32A.

Innovative and patented GENius heat exchange technology makes it highly efficient to operate and enables the creation of up to 237 gallons of pure, safe and tasty drinking water from the air daily. The WW-200 complies with international water purification standards.

Scalable structure means it can be stacked and scaled up to any size, supporting a wide range of water production needs.



Due to customization ability, delivery is estimated at 45 - 60 days.
1 year manufacturer warranty applies.