WH-300 (Grey Water Recycling)


This amazing product allows you to reuse up to 45% of your water.

Ideal for families up to 5.  Reclaim water – reduce the carbon footprint – save up to 45% on tap water usage, wastewater emissions and water bills – while contributing to the Global Goals.

In house water recycling is the most efficient and affordable way to use less tap water. Hydraloop collects, treats and re-uses the water from showers, baths, washers and dryers, heat pumps and air conditioning units. Hydraloop water is clean, clear, safe, and disinfected. It can be re-used for toilet flushing, laundry, garden irrigation and topping up swimming pools.

Volume: 300 liters | 80 gallons
Cleaning capacity: 530 liters | 140 gallons per day




Hydraloop designs and produces decentralized water recycling products – award winning and first of its kind. We offer a variety of smart, innovative water recycling products for residences, commercial real estate, hotels, lodges and more.

Hydraloop products can be used everywhere: in dense cities, rural areas and off-grid situations where water supply is unstable or insufficient. Hydraloop future proofs any building and adds sustainability points for certifications like LEED and BREEAM.


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