Water Generation Capacity: Up to 2 gal
Required Power: 110 – 220V / 160W
Water Tank Volume: Up to 7 L / 1.85 gal
Water Temperature: 59°F – 109°F
Dimension: 10.7″ x 17.8″ x 21.7″
Net Weight: 46.3 lbs

Special Features: This machine has recently been upgraded to Cold Water. After reviewing customer feedback, WAIEA is now offering the WA-10 for hotter tropical climates like Hawaii.

The WA-2 is one of our most compact models. Ideal for home or office. Smart screen displays information like when water is producing, when water is cooling, and even when UV sterilization is happening.

Current air temperature and relative humidity are always displayed on machine face. When water is being dispensed it will display the current cold water temperature you are dispensing into your glass.

The WA-2 is ideal for at-home or in-office consumption. The sleek design and digital touchscreen make for an attractive and functional addition to any space.

The WA-2 table top unit is compatible with alkaline or specialty mineral filters. This model has long lasting HEPA/electrostatic combo air filters for the ultimate clean.

This model is a plug and play solution that does not require plumbing or water hookup. Enjoy this environmentally friendly solution for the home and rest assured the WA-2 is safer and cleaner than municipal water or water fountain. This model features an automatic self-sterilization system to ensure cleanliness. The WA-2 also features a water filter with 3-in-1 design which makes it easy to change and prevents leaks from occurring.

This model is ideal for a family of two or three. Larger model is recommended for a family of four or more.



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