WA-10 (Currently Not In Stock)

Category: Office, Residential
  • Water Generation Capacity: Up to 10 gal
  • Required Power: 110 - 220V / 900W
  • Water Tank Volume: Up to 19 L / 5 gal
  • Water Temperature: 59°F - 109°F
  • Dimension: 18.7" x 17.7" x 53.2"
  • Net Weight: 132 lbs
  • Special Features: This machine has recently been upgraded to Cold Water. After reviewing customer feedback, WAIEA is now offering the WA-10 for hotter tropical climates like Hawaii. Dual industry leading HEPA/carbon air filters. This amazing set up takes in air from both sides of the machine filtering the air in any large room.
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The WA-10 is ideal for at-home or in-office consumption. High generation capacity makes this a great choice for high traffic areas such as hotel lobbies, multi-family homes, and office break rooms with over 10 employees. The sleek design and digital touchscreen make for an attractive and functional addition to any space.

Equipped with an Intelligent data center to keep track of when you need to change your filters. The system itself allows you to see the current lifespan of your air and water filters, what the current air quality is, all while keeping a data log of how much water you dispensed each day and what the water quality each day.

The WA-10 floor unit is compatible with alkaline or specialty mineral filters.

This model is a plug and play solution that does not require plumbing or water hookup. Enjoy this environmentally friendly solution for home or office and rest assured the WA-10 is safer and cleaner than municipal water or water fountain. This model features an automatic self-sterilization system to ensure cleanliness.

Option to connect to municipal water supply. Great for regions where humidity is seasonal and water vapor density drops in winter months.

Delivery within 2 - 7 days.
1 year manufacturer warranty applies.